Please ensure your boat is in less than 2 knots of tide or current for your appointment time and date. Low tide is best if you are not berthed in a marina with lock gates.


Brush Types

We offer three different types of brushes for cleaning hulls with. They are all ANCCP certified. Ensuring that antifouling is not removed during the scrub and only removing algal and vegetation based fouling is important, as antifouling paints contain biocides which would then be released into the water. When you make a booking with us we ask you to select which brush you think you are going to need, so we can have it pre-installed into the drone when we arrive, saving time. If however you change your mind during an appointment and opt for a different brush, it only takes about 5 minutes for us to swap them around.


Made out of white nylon material, these brushes don't remove anything other than a light slime from your hull. They are great if you have a hard anti-fouling such as coppercoat that has been recently applied and there is limited growth and algal build-up on your boat. Another common scenario for using these brushes is on race yachts that need a clean during an event or in between events removing the need for a lift-out.

Medium Hard

This is the brush we use most often. Constructed from a stiffer yellow nylon, this brush is effective on light to medium build up of algal fouling and vegetation, whilst still remaining kind to your hull and anti-fouling paint. When you run your fingers over this one you can certainly feel the difference when compared to the soft brush.


Constructed with stainless steel bristles, this is the hardest brush we offer. It is still surprisingly gentle though on your hull and the bristles are softer to touch than you might expect. With a greater separation between the bristles this brush works better on vegetation build-ups than the medium or soft brushes.


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